Maryam Chakroun


Special Education Specialist & Clinical Counselor

Mariam Chakorun is the first teacher in Kuwait to have won the Distinguished Special Education Teacher Award. She holds a diploma in Child Education from K.G. Center, Beirut, Lebanon; a B.A. degree in English Language and Literature from Lebanese University of Beirut, Lebanon; a Master’s degree in Special Education, University of Phoenix, Arizona, and a Master’s degree in International Counselling from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania. Mariam provides therapy to children, adolescents and adults. She integrates mindfulness, drama and play therapy into her work and provides social groups and workshops to children and teens to address self-confidence, life skills, work habits, conflict resolution, behavior management, and social and communication skills.

Mariam’s 26 years of experience in working with children with special needs and challenging behaviors, and cooperating with their families enables her to be a proficient academic adviser. She helps children and adolescents to improve their study skills including note-taking, reading and writing strategies, time management, organizational skills, and other work habits. Mariam provides parenting guidelines in raising children and adolescents as well as useful academic strategies in reading, writing and math to improve student’s academic achievement and consequently their on-task behavior. In addition, Mariam collaborates with schools by providing school visits and working closely with the team in order to come up with plans that best meet every individual’s needs.

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