Psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy applied for the confidential treatment of psychological problems. It involves a client sharing the difficulties they’re facing mentally, socially or emotionally, with a psychologist in a safe and supportive environment. It enables individuals to explore their thoughts and feelings, and teaches them how to cope with and tackle life’s challenges in a judgment-free zone.

Psychotherapy can be provided to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. The number of psychotherapy sessions differs from client to client and depends upon the complexity of the problems they’re facing.

Psychotherapy can help in treating a wide range of issues such as depression, stress, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, suicidal tendencies, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, marital crises, and bipolar disorder.

Psychotherapy can also be beneficial if an individual:

  • Is facing stressful situations at work or in his family life
  • Has been a victim of physical or sexual abuse
  • Is unable to control their anger
  • Is suffering from insomnia
  • Needs to accept a prolonged health condition
  • Can’t overcome traumatic experiences such as being in an accident, losing a loved one, or is grief-stricken
  • Finds it hard to focus on daily tasks

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