Terkeez Brain Training

The Terkeez program is geared towards typicallydeveloped children, who have problems with attention and need to improve their academic abilities and social skills. It is suitable for children aged 6-12 years of age.

Terkeez encourages children to become independent academic learners, and function well in social situations. Activities also aim at instilling a sense of responsibility in children, towards themselves and the world around them.

The program is 90 minutes per day, 2-3 times a week, and helps children improve their memory, focus, social skills, and executive functions through a series of targeted activities.

The program consists of 3 segments:

Brain Safari

Brain Safari is a computerized educational software tailored to develop children’s cognitive skills in the areas of attention, memory, concentration, distractibility, self-monitoring, and sensory coordination, based on the child’s level of cognitive functions.

Executive Functions

This segment aims to develop children’s skills of planning, organizing, and accomplishing goals and improves their ability to follow instructions. Areas addressed include creative problem solving, time management, and working memory.

Social Skills

Social skills are essential to children’s competent interaction with peers and teachers. This segment uses techniques such as group interaction, skill-building exercises, and emotional intelligence games, to help children develop their cultural competencies and deal with different situations, such as dealing with bullies and adjusting to change.